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3 Elite Craneparts

     3-Elite was founded in 1995, we developed the FIRST series of remote controller in Taiwan—APOLLO series, which comes from the inspiration of the building block concept. Since APOLLO’s development, because of the support and loving care from business agents, dealers, customers, government apparatus and similar businesses, we can continually innovate and pursue the continuous improvement to reach perfection.

     In 2002, we developed advanced type of remote controller—HERCULES series, which is easier for users to control multi-steps and stepless speed change and understand all the functions in the driver’s cab.

     In 2003, we promoted explosion-proof type of remote controller—d2G4.

     In 2005, we promoted easily-used type of remote controller—CUPID series.

     Before the products are sent to the markets, they must have gone through strict tests. Moreover, our products are strictly complied with international standards of safety request such as CE, FCC standards.

     In July 2000, the first direct selling company was founded in Nanjing, China. Our subsidiaries spread over Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shenyang, Henan, Anhui, Wuhan, Sichuan and so on. In February 2004, to prepare for Three Direct Links, the shipping center was founded in Amoy. Also, our products are being distributed through Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia…etc, over 25 countries in the world.

     3-ELITE has passed certification ISO 9001:2008. To provide perfect after-sale service for our customers, we strive for continuous growing of operation.

     Radio Remote Control is a trend combined by Industrial World and Electrical Technology. Even, accessible control is also a way industrialized countries depend on. It can make us removed from dangerous areas, increase our productive efficiency, and decrease the risk of the occupational injuries. It is also the goal we struggle to achieve. Now we have developed one Point Control, Two Steps Control, Multi-steps Control and Ratio Stepless Linear Control. In the future, we will develop Two Way Feedback Control to help us control the circumstances. Besides, Custom-made can conform to severe environment and equipment request. Taiwan’s accomplishment in electrical technology has received lots of affirmation. With liberal conditions, we can develop products with much higher quality; with R&D group’s design, we can unfold our strength and create the infinite possibility of future.

     3-ELITE is a company with higher quality, reasonable price and stability. The whole crew in our company promises to work hard towards long term running of our business.

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